Bochnia Salt Mine

Bochnia Salt Mine

Kopania w Bochni
Zwiedzanie Kopalni Soli Bochnia to znakomita przygoda dla całej rodziny.


Visiting Bochnia Salt Mine is a great adventure for the entire family. Wandering along the underground corridors and visiting salt chambers also includes a multimedia exhibit. The exhibit is a quasi-time travel which takes us back to the times where we meet such famous personalities as Princess Kinga, the patron of Polish kings and salt miners. Through animation and interactive presentations, children easily learn the history of the mine, its legends and miners’ work, including dangers they faced. They also get to know traditions and customs associated with the profession. A trip on the ”Kuba” railway and a 140-m long slide ending in the Ważyn salt chamber make additional fun experience for children. The Mine also organises boat trips across the brine-flooded salt chamber. The trip is available for children over 3 years of age. The boat trip is an unforgettable experience both for children and adults.When you visit the Bochnia Salt Mine, you may consider to stay in an underground hotel, which is beneficial to the health due to its effect on the respiratory system; it is also enormously attractive to children. There is also an underground sports field with the necessary equipment, playground and a restaurant.Bochnia Salt Mine also arranges trips for kindergartens and school children.

Bochnia Salt Mine  ul. Campi 15, 32-700 Bochnia, tel. +48 14 615 24 60, +48 14 615 24 62,

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