National Museum, Cracow

National Museum, Cracow

Muzeum Narodowe, Kraków
Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie posiada dziesięć oddziałów, w których prezentowane są najwybitniejsze przykłady sztuki polskiej od XVII do XX wieku, malarstwo i rzeźba zachodnioeuropejska, rzemiosło artystyczne, bogaty zbiór monet, medali i banknotów polskich, a także szereg pamiątek historycznych. Zajrzeć można też do domów rodzinnych Jana Matejki i Józefa Mehoffera.

The National Museum in Cracow has ten branches, where the most outstanding examples of Polish art are shown, from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, Western European painting and sculpture, arts and crafts, a rich collection of coins, Polish medals and banknotes, as well as a number of historical monuments. You can also visit family homes of two famous Polish painters of the 19th century: Jan Matejko and Józef Mehoffer. Children get familiar with the numerous difficult museum topics attending educational workshops intended just for them. The workshops are organised under events associated with temporary and permanent exhibitions. Children learn artistic techniques, work of the artist, as they grab the brushes themselves. They discover the secrets of the museum when participating in games and activities or watching theatre miniatures inspired by museum exhibits.  The youngest visitors not only acquire knowledge, but above all, develop their imagination, creativity and perceptiveness. The Museum offers a wide range of educational activities. Individual classes are aimed at children of all ages (from 0 to 13). In addition, parents who want to show selected branches of the museum to their children on their own, can obtain a travel package at the ticket office: a guide with tasks that the children will perform with their help during the visit. 

National Museum – the Main Building
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