Beekeeping Museum, Stróże

Beekeeping Museum, Stróże

Muzeum w Stróżach to miejsce niezwykłe. Tutaj każdy, niezależnie od wieku, staje się odkrywcą tajemnic pszczelego ula. Każdego wciąga niesamowita opowieść o życiu pszczół.

The museum is an extraordinary place. Each visitor, regardless of age, becomes a discoverer of beehive secrets. Everyone is drawn into an amazing life of bees. Children and adults find it interesting to listen to a guide explaining how honey and other bee products, such as pollen, bee pellets and propolis, are made, learn how bees organise their work in the hive and how long it takes to produce one teaspoon of honey. They learn lots of interesting facts when gazing into a beehive and observing the life of bees. A collection of figure-shaped beehives will surely be of interest to children. In “Sądecki Bartnik” open-air museum they can see St. Ambrose (the patron of beekeepers) and the devil, and also beehives shaped like Highland cottages. The open-air museum ZOO is an additional attraction, where you can meet farm animals, such as goats, donkeys and ponies. Children can play in the “Bee Village” - a playground that awaits the young visitors. “Sądecki Bartnik” also organises stays for families. Families can stay there for a few days, depending on the season of the year. In addition to visiting, the museum can organise sleigh rides, baking holiday honey cakes, candle-making workshops, bread baking and horseback riding. ”Bartna Chata” [Beekeeper’s Cottage] awaits hungry visitors.

Beekeeping Museum
Stróże 235, 33-331 Stróże, tel. (018) 414 05 79,

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