Miniature Park “The World of Dreams”

Miniature Park “The World of Dreams”

Park Miniatur
Podróż dookoła świata w ciągu jednego dnia: oto propozycja inwałdzkiego parku miniatur!

Visit Inwałd Miniature Park to travel around the world in one day. Visitors can see 60 models of the most famous architectural monuments. You can see  the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Statue of Liberty and London's Big Ben. The Park also houses an exhibition of the most interesting Polish monuments with the biggest attraction in this section - the model of the National Stadium. Most of the models were made at a scale of 1:25, but some are so large that visitors can enter. Therefore, you can tour St. Peter's Square at the Vatican and St. Marks’ Square in Venice. The park also has an amusement park. In summer you can go ice skating on the ice rink and admire the world from a height of mill wheel, slip down on a huge water slide, visit the pyramid of Tutankhamen and watch a 5-D film at the cinema theatre. Visits to the amusement park are unlimited and included in the ticket price. The Park also has a special offer for children. They can go on a guided tour. When touring the Park, they view models of famous monuments and learn interesting facts about them. In the end, they can arrange building blocks with the miniatures of buildings they saw during the tour. The Park has are several food places and there is a restaurant in the nearby hotel.


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