Intergenerational Festival of Children’s Literature!

Intergenerational Festival of Children’s Literature!

Na zdjęciu znajdują się dzieci, która prawdopodobnie uczestniczyły w warsztatach gdyż trzymają rysunki.
The team of the Intergenerational Festival of Children’s Literature – Dads and Kids has already met children from Sopot, Gdynia, Warsaw, Radom, Wrocław and Opole. Now it is time for Małopolska! The holiday edition of the festival in our region has already started. A few more days have remained. The festival will last till 25th August 2019, or even longer, because the exhibition in the Main Well-Room of the Krynica-Żegiestów Spa will be open to the public till 24th September 2019!

The Małopolska Province supports the idea of the project aimed at bringing generations together through sightseeing tours of the local Homeland and by means of books.

Małopolska is regarded as a region of exceptional cultural richness. Its castles were inhabited by dragons, ghosts, witches... This may not be true, but their art, architecture, interior design and the surrounding nature are an ideal pretext for inventing creative stories for children who love such climates.

During the ongoing festival, you are still invited to attend meetings in the Nowy Sącz Ethnographic Park, the Nowy Sącz Public Library, the Wiktor Bazielich County and Municipal & Communal Public Library in Stary Sącz, the “Bobrowisko” [Beaver Ground] Nature Enclave in Stary Sącz and the Main Well-Room in Krynica Zdrój. Attractions for children will include workshops, meetings, literary games and exhibitions.

The number of places on events is limited. E-mail registration is required: rezerwacja@festiwalliteraturydzieciecej.pl

Międzypokoleniowy Festiwal Literatury Dziecięcej!

Międzypokoleniowy Festiwal Literatury Dziecięcej - program


Międzypokoleniowy Festiwal Literatury Dziecięcej - program 1

Further information about the festival is available on the Organiser's website.

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