Małopolska Countryside for Children

Małopolska Countryside for Children

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Szlak pod nazwą „Małopolska Wieś dla Dzieci” tworzy 14 gospodarstw agroturystycznych, dysponujących infrastrukturą, umożliwiającą aktywne, urozmaicone, a przede wszystkim bezpieczne spędzenie czasu dzieciom w różnym wieku, jak również ich rodzicom.

A new farm tourism route called “Małopolska Countryside for Children” was established in the Małopolska Province. It includes 16 agritourist farms featuring infrastructure that enables children of all ages, as well as their parents, to spend time in an active, diverse and, above all, safe way. The owners of all agritourist farms that are part of the “Małopolska Countryside for Children” route have prepared unique attractions for children of all ages. Each facility has a safe enclosure with a playground, while some farms also offer additional attractions, such as rope parks and swimming pools. Young guests and their parents can take advantage of the agritourism farm offer all-year round, during weekends, as well as throughout their holidays. Through entertainment, children can learn about countryside customs and traditions, Małopolska’s nature, as well as legends and stories connected with the region. Farm owners offer various educational and artistic workshops, competitions and excursions. All activities for children are professionally organised and conducted by qualified staff with experience in working with children. The farms are located in: Podhale (Harklowa, Kluszkowce, Orawka), around Kraków (Prądnik Korzkiewski, Wielka Wieś, Jurczyce), in the Island Beskid (Żegocina, Iwkowa, Zakliczyn, Przyszowa, Owieczka, Świdnik), in the Low Beskids (Łużna) and in Beskid Sądecki (Barcice Dolne, Rytro, Tylicz).

Małopolska for children: more details and a complete list of farms on the route can be found on

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