Ethnographic Museum, Cracow

Ethnographic Museum, Cracow

wystawa w Muzeum etnograficznym

A visit to the Ethnographic Museum in Cracow can take you on an exclusive journey into the past era of Małopolska rural area. In each room, we are taken back to the interiors of old rural cottages – a Cracow region cottage with the walls painted with Zalipie-style flowers and a Podhale region cottage. We can also visit workshops, such as a fulling mill, where woollen cloth used to be produced , an oil mill where flaxseed oil was pressed, a pottery studio with a model pottery kiln and blacksmith’s shop.  When viewing folk costume collections, children have the opportunity to see what types of clothes people used to wear for an important ceremony and learn that the person’s appearance did not depend only on the person who wore specific clothing, but also on other factors, for example, the region of origin or marital status. The Museum is worth visiting at least twice a year: in the spring and winter. One section of the exhibition is dedicated to the Nativity traditions, such as carolling and valuable Cracow Nativity crèches (including the oldest, more than a hundred years old, made by Michał Ezenkier, a master mason and tiler from Cracow), the other new exhibition is devoted to spring, with an Easter egg and a palm tree. The Museum organises weekend workshops for families, titled ETNOKALENDARZ [ETHNOCALENDAR] and also regular workshops for children of various ages (including workshops for infants and toddlers up to 3 years of age).

Ethnographic Museum
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