Learning through Play

Learning through Play

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Archeological Museum, Kraków



This archeological facility, the oldest in Poland, abounds with things to see. Young tourists will surely stare with amazement at the Gods of ancient Egypt exhibition, complete with sarcophaguses and hoary mummies.

Archeological Museum,
ul. Senacka 3 (enter from ul. Poselskiej 3), Kraków, phone: +48 12 422 7100,; summer opening hours (Jul–Aug): Mon, Wed, Fri 9am–2pm, Tue and Thur 2pm–6pm, Sun 10am–2pm (for more information visit the website); tickets: PLN 7, concessions: PLN 5, free admission on Sundays.

Ethnographic Museum, Kraków



Exploring this museum enables you to travel into the past of the Małopolska countryside. It is worth visiting the reconstructed cottage interiors and taking part in the carpenters’ workshops. 

Ethnographic Museum in Kraków,
pl. Wolnica 1, 31-066 Kraków, phone: +48 12 430 6023,; opening hours: Tue–Wed and Fri–Sat 11am–7pm, Thur 11am–9pm, Sun 11am–3pm; tickets: PLN 9, concessions: PLN 5.

Municipal Engineering Museum, Kraków



This museum will undoubtedly be appealing to boys of all ages. From old Polish cars and motorbikes, to historic tramcars... They can even touch the items and experiment in the interactive part of the exhibition.

Municipal Engineering Museum,
ul. św. Wawrzyńca 15, Kraków, phone: +48 12 421 1242 ext. 100; opening hours in high season (Jun–Sep): Wed, Fri–Sun 10am–4pm, Tue and Thur 10am–6pm (for more information visit the website); tickets: PLN 10, concessions: PLN 7.

History of Photography Museum, Kraków



Whether discovering the mysteries of photography, or seeing photographs taken over 100 years ago and the cameras used by our great-grandfathers, this facility has it all. Slightly older visitors can also follow the developments in the history of photographic art.

History of Photography Museum in Kraków, ul. Józefitów 16, Kraków, phone: +48 12 634 5932,; tickets: PLN 8, concessions: PLN 5.

Polish Aviation Museum, Kraków



Historic planes, gliders, helicopters, a large collection of plane engines and more – all this has been amassed in the museum occupying the hangars of the former Rakowice-Czyżyny airport established in 1912.

Polish Aviation Museum,
al. Jana Pawła II 39, 30-969 Kraków, phone: +48 12 640 9960–61,; opening hours: Tue–Fri 9am–5pm, Sat–Sun 10am–4pm; tickets: PLN 8, concessions: PLN 5, free admission on Tuesdays.


National Museum, Kraków




Kraków museum has a uniquely rich collection of Polish, European and non-European art. Mindful of children, the main building has been adapted as an education hall, where, among other activities, Sunday workshops are run. 

National Museum – Main Building,
al. 3 Maja 1, Kraków, phone: +48 12 295 5595,; opening hours: Tue–Sat 10am–6pm, Sun 10am–4pm; tickets: PLN 8, concessions: PLN 3, free admission to the permanent exhibitions on Sunday.


Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, Kraków


The large collection of Japanese art amassed here consists of 6500 exhibit items, which include wood engravings by Japanese masters and samurai armour complete with helmets and masks. Manggha is also an active culture centre that aids in popularising knowledge about Japan.

Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology,
ul. Konopnickiej 26, Kraków, phone: +48 12 267 2703,; tickets: PLN 15, concessions: PLN 10, free admission on Tuesdays.


Stanisław Lem Garden of Experiences, Kraków



The Kraków garden of experiences consists of over 50 interactive installations presenting a selection of natural phenomena. You can trigger off a whirlpool or send and receive a message by means of an acoustic telegraph, etc.

Stanisław Lem Garden of Experiences,
al. Pokoju 67, Kraków, phone: +48 12 686 1160,; opening hours in high season (May–Aug): Mon–Fri 9am–7pm, Sat and Sun 10am–7pm (for more information visit the website); tickets: PLN 7, concessions: PLN 5.

Pod Kuźniczym Młotem Museum (Zakopane and the Tatras Gallery), Zakopane



For anyone interested in the Tatras, this is a must-see in Zakopane. Here you can learn the method once used to churn butter or the technique of insulating the highland huts with moss. You can also try on the folk outfits.



Pod Kuźniczym Młotem Museum,
pl. Niepodległości 6, Zakopane, phone: +48 608809469,; opening hours: daily 10am–6pm; tickets: PLN 7, concessions: PLN 5.



Kraków Saltworks Museum, Wieliczka 



This museum building will instantly appeal to children, being a medieval salt mine castle where you can see, among other things, a rich collection of salt shakers as well as machines and mining tools in the underground exhibition..


Kraków Saltworks Museum,
ul. Zamkowa 8, Wieliczka, phone: +48 12 278 3266,; opening hours in high season (May–Aug): Tue–Sun 9am–8pm (for more information visit the website); tickets: PLN 4, concessions: PLN 3.


Wieliczka Salt Mine




This two-kilometre tourist route (ranging from 64 to 135m underground) includes underground chambers, picturesque lakes and splendid chapels. The mine’s uniqueness has been validated by inscription on the UNESCO list.


Wieliczka Salt Mine, ul. Daniłowicza 10, Wieliczka,
phone: +48 12 278 7302, 278 7366,; visits by tour guide only: Apr–Oct, daily 7.30am–7.30pm; Oct–Mar, daily 8am–5pm; tickets: PLN 50, concessions: PLN 37.



Bochnia Salt Mine




This salt mine dates back to 1248. Here you can visit the exhibition of old mining machines, beautiful chapels, the Mysiur stable, etc. Included among the attractions are an underground boat trip and a ride down a 140-metre-long slide.


Bochnia Salt Mine Spa,
ul. Solna 2, Bochnia, phone: +48 14 615 3636,; underground tours: Mon–Fri 9.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm (Jul–Aug also 12.30pm), Sat and Sun 10.15am–4.15pm (every hour); tickets: PLN 19–30.



Beekeeping Museum, Stróże



This relatively small open-air ethnographic museum provides a wealth of knowledge about bees and honey. Children can frolic in the playground called the “Bee Village” as well as in the mini-zoo with animals such as ostriches and Hucul horses. The museum also houses an inn, called Bartna Chata, and a shop stocked with local products.

Beekeeping Museum,
Stróże 235, phone: +48 18 414 0579,; opening hours: daily 9am–4pm; tickets: PLN 8, concessions: PLN 7.


Nadwiślański Ethnographic Park, Wygiełzów


Children will be delighted by a visit to the beautifully reconstructed examples of rural and provincial architecture nestled among the green surrounds. The picturesque ruins of the medieval Lipowiec castle tower over the museum.  

Nadwiślański Ethnographic Park,
ul. Podzamcze 1, Wygiełzów, phone: +48 32 622 8749,; opening hours in high season (Apr–Sep): daily 8am–6pm (for more information visit the website); tickets: PLN 8, concessions: PLN 5.


Orawski Ethnographic Park, Zubrzyca Górna



This vast area, which resembles a landscape park, shows various examples of architecture in the Orawa style. Most buildings house a thematic exhibition showcasing the daily life in Orawa.

Orawski Ethnographic Park, Zubrzyca Górna,
phone: +48 18 285 2709,; opening hours in high season (May–Sep): daily 8.30am–5pm (for more information visit the website); tickets: PLN 11–18, concessions: PLN 7–12.



Sądecki Ethnographic Park, Nowy Sącz



The Sądecki open-air ethnographic museum is one of the most beautiful in Poland. Its buildings represent the architecture and culture of the ethnic groups who once inhabited the Sądecka land.

Sądecki Ethnographic Park,
entrances: ul. Wieniawy Długoszowskiego 83b, ul. Lwowska 226, Nowy Sącz, phone: +48 18 533 1823, 441 4412,; opening hours in high season (May–Sep): Tue–Sun 10am–6pm (for more information visit the website); tickets: PLN 12, concessions: PLN 7, free admission on Saturdays.


 Rolling Stock Ethnographic Museum, Chabówka


This railway open-air ethnographic museum, which was established on the grounds of the former 19th century engine house in Chabówka, is one of the largest in Poland. The exhibition includes several dozen historic steam engines, locomotives and carriages. The museum also provides heritage railway rides.   

Rolling Stock Ethnographic Museum, Chabówka,
phone: +48 18 267 6200 ext. 366,; opening hours: daily 7am–7pm; tickets: PLN 5, concessions: PLN 2.50.


 Pogórzańska Country Open-Air Ethnographic Museum, Szymbark



This small Szymbark open-air ethnographic museum includes, apart from cottages and farm buildings, windmills for grinding wheat and a kiln to bake dishes. With a bit of luck, you may arrive just in time for a demonstration of the carpenter’s craft.

Pogórzańska Country Open-Air Ethnographic Museum, Szymbark,
phone: +48 18 351 3114; opening hours in high season (May–Sep): Tue–Fri 9am–5pm, Sat and Sun 9am–6pm (for more information visit the news); tickets: PLN 4–7, concessions: PLN 2–4.

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