Musuem - Orava Ethnographic Park Zubrzyca Górna

Musuem - Orava Ethnographic Park Zubrzyca Górna

dwór Moniaków w Zubrzycy Górnej
U stóp Babiej Góry, na malowniczym terenie położony jest skansen prezentujący różnorodne przykłady budownictwa mieszkańców dawnej Orawy.

At the foot of Babia Góra, an open-air museum is located on a picturesque site. The museum shows various examples of buildings of the former inhabitants of Orava. This region, although small and not-well known, is very interesting in terms of its landscape and culture, including traditional building art. We get to know the life of region inhabitants by visiting the traditional peasant cottages, where the construction and furnishings reflect the level of prosperity of farmers, workshops (sawmill, fulling mill, smithy and oil mill), two taverns and the most valuable museum exhibit – the manor house. In one of the cottages visitors can see a traditional Orava wedding scene. The rich pastoral traditions would not be complete without shepherd’s huts, full of furniture and shepherds’ clothing. Orava Ethnographic Park organises various events, such as Red Berry Festival to commemorate the fruit so common in the forests growing at the foot of Babia Góra mountain. The open-air museum comes alive on holidays, when you can see craftsmen working on old rural tasks, hear the traditional music and singing in the background and taste regional delicacies. Annually, numerous attractions are prepared for children. A visit to the Orava Ethnographic Park is an excellent idea for a tour, especially for region inhabitants who want to show the children how people used to live and instil in them interest in local history.

Orava Ethnographic Park, Zubrzyca Górna
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