W Rabkolandzie każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie – są tu rożnego rodzaju karuzele, w tym Wielki Młyn o wysokości 28 metrów, ślizgawki, dwupoziomowa kolejka górska…

In Rabkoland everyone will find something they like – it offers all sorts of rides, including Great Mill with a 28-m high slide and a two-storey roller-coaster… You can laugh in the Hall of Mirrors, visit the "Inverted House" and the brave can face "The Haunted Mansion" and take a menacing ride including ghosts and vampires. What makes the Park in Rabka different are more than180 animated figures. Among them, we can find Lucek the organ-grinder in his Highland outfit, telling Park stories, a farmer who plays the banjo, Jack the dog and his dog's band, clowns, elephants, lions, acrobats and other artists in the circus tent. After the play, as part of rest and education, you can visit the Museum of the Order of Smile - the world's only award granted to adults at the request of children. In the museum, we find the works of children, in which they request granting the Order to specific people, and lists of awardees and mementoes associated with them. Visitors to the museum can also see an animated model of the park - with a whirling merry-go-round, lights and people playing in the park. Another museum in Rabkoland is the Museum of Records and Curiosities, collecting artefacts related to the records of Poles and peculiarities of our country.


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