Karpaty OFFer – International Multimedia Art Festival, 15th-18th August 2019, Nowy Sącz

Karpaty OFFer – International Multimedia Art Festival, 15th-18th August 2019, Nowy Sącz

zdjęcie przedstawia jeden z budynków w Miasteczku Galicyjskim
For a decade, the Karpaty OFFer Festival has tried to offer artists and participants the possibility of experiencing the clash of traditional culture against contemporary examples of amateur and professional art that have grown on its roots.

As usual, the rich offer of this year’s event is a blend of various forms of creative art. Each of its elements is unique in its own way and brings a large dose of different emotions. The festival gives the possibility of combining them in such a way that they can ideally harmonise with one another in spite of frequently dissimilar forms of expression.

Karpaty OFFer 2019 will start in an unconventional way – with a CARPATHIAN DANCE to the vigorous music of the Czech band DOCUKU that will be held in the hospitable interior of the Spóźniony Słowik Café.

On the following day, during the traditional Friday concert CARPATHIAN MUSIC, we will hear the original sounds of two excellent bands. These will be: TOŁHAJE – the sounds of the magical and mysterious Bieszczady mountains and Adam Strug along with his fascination with Polish traditional music and melodic lines from the Middle East.

Shortly after the concert, the first part of another Carpathian film review will start in the SOKÓŁ Cinema. This time it will be held under the slogan BIESZCZADY, BIESZCZADY. The theme of the review will refer directly to the culture and landscape of Subcarpathia as well as the output of the aforementioned TOŁHAJE band. The review will start with the screening of Jako w niebie, tak i w Komańczy [In Komańcza As It Is In Heaven] in the cycle Historical Landscape of Subcarpathia, which will be followed by the first episode of the second season of the excellent series Wataha [The Pack].

The second day of the Festival will be opened by the Gry i Ludzie Theatre, which will present a family performance Opowieści Wagantów [Goliards’ Stories] exactly at noon at Planty. The artists that will rule the Jagiellońska street this year are MUZIKANTY and their innovative performance Historia muzyki [The History of Music].

The Saturday evening will belong to theatres and bicycles! At first, NOVOGO FRONTA THEATRE from Czech Republic will present its funny performance Junge Joke, and then bicycles and Jonasz Pakulski with his acrobatic show will appear on the Market Square. Another performance is an excellent pantomime show by Pantomime Theater – BODECKER & NEANDER from Germany. The culminating and final event on the Market Square will be a spectacular show with a fabulous scenery, eye-catching costumes and imposing aerobatics. The V6 Theatre will perform in the Aquarius program. We particularly invite you to attend this absolutely exceptional performance, as you will have the opportunity to see a play that has never been staged at the Festival – 3D mapping designed specially on this occasion.

The Saturday program of festival events could not do without traditional open-air cinema. During the second part of the film review under the Kowalska Tower, we will see the latest work of the cycle Historical Landscape of Subcarpathia, the film Łukasiewicz - Nafciarz Romantyk [Łukasiewicz: A Romantic Oilman] and another episode of Wataha.

On Sunday (the third day of the Festival) we will move to the Galician Town to listen to the rock band POTOCK and completely different sounds of SINFONIA CARPATHIA in the family atmosphere of CARPATHIAN FAMILIADA. Another encounter with theatre will be the performance Morskie opowieści Kapitana Guliwera [Captain Gulliver’s Sea Stories], which will again be staged by the Gry i Ludzie Theatre. A good treat for everyone will be a huge tent in which MUZIKANTY will organise Mobile Silent Cinema – obviously with live music.

The Sunday events will be accompanied by a handicraft fair, the presentation of cuisines of the Małopolska Region and artistic and circus workshops addressed both to children and adults.


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