Summer adventure in Bochnia Salt Mine

Summer adventure in Bochnia Salt Mine

Ekspozycja multimedialna w Kopalni Soli Bochnia.
Weather perfect at all times, coastal microclimate, amusement park-like attractions and thrills like during a journey into the unknown. Sounds incredible? Maybe… And yet... There is a place like this.



40 kilometres to the east from Krakow, you can find the oldest city in Małopolska – Bochnia. It owes its existence and development to the oldest rock salt mine in Poland – the Bochnia Salt Mine.

In 2000, the Bochnia mine was named a Monument of History, and just 13 years later it has been distinguished worldwide by being added to the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites.

The underground labyrinth of salt galleries awaits the visitors with many mysteries. The salt city can be reached by going down 212 metres underground using a real mining elevator. While below, visitors can go on an enjoyable ride on a mining train, as well as take the challenge of going down a 140-metre slide connecting two levels of the mine. A boat ride across a brine-filled chamber is another thrilling attraction, enabling the visitors to discover the beauty and uniqueness of the Bochnia mine. The largest chamber of the mine — Ważyn — offers a multitude of attractions, including a sports field and a mini playground for children.

The tour of the Tourist Route is a true journey back in time, featuring numerous multimedia projections and sound effects. The Ważyn chamber, found 250 metres below ground, is a place where visitors can sit for a while and rest after seeing the Tourist Route, as well as actively continue their stay underground.

The Bochnia Salt Mine also offers a number of thematic routes. The Nature Route showcases a unique phenomenon – shining halite crystals, while the “Tour of the Old Mountains” Historic Route is intended for people who like the rush of adrenaline and some physical activity on top of visiting unique sites.

An overnight stay in the mine combines a tour of the mine, a stay in the largest underground chamber – Ważyn – and a stay 250 metres underground. The overnight stays are organised for groups, as well as for individual tourists.

The temperature in the mine remains the same all year round at around 16°C, and the relative humidity is pretty much constant at 70%. In summer, the mine offers a pleasant respite from the heat, and in winter the visitors can enjoy spring-like temperatures.

Tours of the Bochnia Salt Mine take place under the watchful eye of a guide. The tourist routes and all the attractions are adapted to the needs of the youngest and the oldest visitors to the mine.

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