Orawski Park Etnograficzny Zubrzyca Górna

Orawa Ethnographic Park in Zubrzyca Górna

Orawa Ethnographic Park in Zubrzyca Górna
Uwagi nt. dostępności: Orawa Ethnographic Park in Zubrzyca Górna -
Zubrzyca Górna, Zubrzyca Górna Tourist subregion: Tatrzański
tel. +48 182852709
Facilities at cultural sites: Photographing allowed
Type of historical sites: Skansen
There are beacons in this object
At the foot of Babia Góra, on an extensive area resembling a park and around the old wooden manor of the Moniak family, several dozen interesting examples of Orawa folk architecture were assembled. You can see characteristic Orawa cottages with the so called “wyżka” (a chamber in the attic), as well as numerous outbuildings. One of the most precious buildings, apart from the wooden manor, is the church from Tokarnia. There are 25 exhibitions arranged inside the selected buildings, and they provide an opportunity to learn about the life of various social classes in Orawa villages from the 18th to the middle of the 20th century. The interior of the manor, which constitutes the highlight of the heritage park, has been reconstructed. It partly reflects the style of the Orawa gentry’s residences from the 18th century and partly the condition from the 17th century, when the manor was only furnished with basic equipment and devoid of the chimney. Also of interest are the exhibitions devoted to rural crafts, which are located in the oil mill, the fulling mill (where felt was produced from woollen cloth), the sawmill and the smithy. The heritage park organises a variety of interesting events, for example, presentations of old rural crafts and exhibitions of folk arts, as well as periodic events, such as the Cowberry Feast (Jul) or the Chamber Music Festival (Aug).
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