Launch of the world's tallest Wooden Roller Coaster ZADRA in Energyland

Launch of the world's tallest Wooden Roller Coaster ZADRA in Energyland

Oświetlony Wooden Coaster Zadra w Energylandii widziany z lotu ptaka na tle nieba po zachodzie słońca
Today, 22 August, the premiere of the newest, world's highest Wooden Roller Coaster ZADRA in Energyland! This is another record and 15th Roller Coaster of the most modern family amusement park in Poland.

The carriages and Zadra's theme elements refer to the medieval land of dragons. It is set in a completely new zone of the park - the Dragon Castle, which was created on the area of 5 hectares. Wooden Coaster Zadra reaches a top speed of 121 km/h, is 63 metres tall,  features a 90 degrees first drop and 3 inversions. The producers of the attractions provided weightless effects, unexpected gravity effects and panoramic views of the picturesque Zator!

Energyland surprised its guests with its new 5th zone. Dragon City is another part of the park, which was created on an area of 5 hectares surrounding the new roller coaster Zadra. Amazing place looking like a town taken straight from the "Lord of the Rings" or the mysterious "Witcher". Streets inspired by the medieval Gothic style, as well as the architecture, the ruins of elaborate castles, all made of wood and stones. This is an unusual fantasy land decorated with torches and other refined decorations. In the Dragon City there is an exciting Roller Coaster Frida with a dedicated shop and a special Dragon Adventure scenic train that will take you to the magical land of dragons. Gourmets will certainly enjoy a visit to the ice cream parlour with the most delicious ice cream. The Dragon City is a journey to the medieval world of magic and dragons.

Zator already attracts almost two million visitors from all over Europe during the season, who are looking for an unusual way to spend time with their families.


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