Energylandia Zator


Uwagi nt. dostępności:
al. 3 Maja 2, 32-640 Zator Region turystyczny: Małopolska
Tourist subregion: Oświęcimski
Type of entertainment attractions: Themed parks and aqua-parks
Parking: Car park
Energylandia is the most modern amusement park in Poland. We can find here five zones with attractions: Bajkolandia, Family Zone, Extreme Zone, Water Park and Dragon Town.
Dragon Town is an amazing place looking like a small town from The Lord of the Rings where you can make a trip to the medieval world of magic and dragons. The visitors of Energylandia can expect 70 attractions, including roller coasters such as HYPERION – Mega Coaster no. 1 in Europe, SPEED – the world’s tallest and fastest Water Coaster and a NEW attraction: the world’s tallest wooden roller coaster ZADRA, which reaches a staggering speed of 121 km/h. The Park offers also attractions to small children aged at least 2 years. Apart from attractions in the Amusement Park, you can see also spectacular stuntmen's shows and artistic performances.
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